imageIt seems like every day of the week we’re seeing an interesting new approach to reselling Campaign Monitor. While the majority of rebrands are small to large design firms and marketing agencies selling their own email marketing platform on to clients, a recent standout for me was ScoutMailer. ScoutMailer is a rebranded version of Campaign Monitor targeted specifically at the scout industry.


This approach resonated with me because of our original decision to target Campaign Monitor specifically at web designers. Looking back, this decision was one of the best calls we made. Selling something to a niche market with unique needs makes it much easier to target both the feature set, and your message to that market.

Chris Monnat, the brains behind the rebrand realized this and was very careful to make sure ScoutMailer was pitched to the needs of his audience. Here’s what Chris had to say…

Scouts don’t do “email marketing” so I needed to present Campaign Monitor as a more generic tool to help them communicate with their members.

It’s a smart approach. So smart that I recently caught up with Chris to ask him the full story behind the rebrand. Check out the full interview.

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