As you guys know, Campaign Monitor is built just for designers. Sure, lots of designers like to handle everything for their clients like email design, subscriber management and analyzing the results. But there’s a whole stack of you who prefer to leave that to your clients. That’s why we’ve worked so hard at making it easy to get your clients started, then you can “set them free” to manage everything themselves.

We take the idea of setting your clients free very seriously, because it’s an awesome way for a design firm to earn passive income. Lots of designers mark-up their client’s hosting fees, and email marketing is another great area to make money while you sleep. For many of you, this means rebranding Campaign Monitor as your very own email marketing tool. You customize the interface, maybe host it at your own domain and set your own prices. In 5 minutes you’ve got an in-house email marketing app.

One of our favorite parts of this process is seeing the ways our customers go about the rebranding process. One such customer that recently caught our attention was the team from AshWebMedia who have rebranded Campaign Monitor as the aptly named AshWebMail.


We were so impressed with the AshWebMail rebrand that we caught up with Derek Ashauer from AshWebMedia to find out more about it. Derek explains why he went with Campaign Monitor, how he pitches email marketing to his clients and why it’s important not to re-invent the wheel. Check out the full case study for some great ideas on selling your own email marketing product to your clients.

  • Will

    Whoah. How did they brand it that way? I thought we had no control over the templates. Is this new??

  • Mathew Patterson

    Hey Will,

    The idea is that they’ve built their own marketing site (the equivalent of this website) in their own style. Once people login, they are sent to the branded Campaign Monitor account.

  • Luke

    Very cool… and a great way to promote the service. May do something similar myslef! :)

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