We came across a great ‘first-look’ review of Campaign Monitor from New Jersey consulting firm Benkard Online Marketing Programs. In the article, Andrew describes his search for “the right email broadcast service for small- and medium-sized firms with a monthly newsletter”.

Andrew has checked out a lot of the options available, “kissed a lot of frogs” as he vividly calls it, but was not satisfied. However, his intial impressions of Campaign Monitor are great for us to hear, including:

Fabulous user interface. Here is where they really shine. As you assemble an outbound email, the pages flow naturally together in a wonderfully linear way. How did they do this? Information is chunked together well, button colors chosen sensibly and applied consistently, labels are consistent, and there is white space to set the important material off… a solid UI means less chance of a mistake and less time spent building the email.

We’re glad to see that all the time and effort put into the interface has made an impression. Of course, we’re not standing still — there’s plenty of improvements to make and great new features coming. If you have your own suggestions, jump into our forums and let us know.

You can also read the full article Nifty Email Broadcast Service: Campaign Monitor at Benkard.com.

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