• Damien Buckley

    Nice to hear from other users and how they’re doing things – good article David.

  • Dave Greiner

    Cheers Damien, that’s exactly what our motivation was to put these together. It’s always good to hear how others approach their work to either validate the way you do things or offer alternatives you might like to try yourself.

  • Richard Banfield

    Thanks Dave, as I read through my answers again I realized that one other trick we use in the newsletter designs. That’s to make sure there is always an incentive for readers to forward the email on to others. In some cases this might be a simple offer of a gift card to the first person to forward the email to 5 other people. In other cases it could be a more complex offer of reciprocal rewards for a referral. We couldn’t do this without the ‘forward’ tags that you guys developed. It makes it very easy to track who forwarded the emails and to whom they were delivered. In one situation this feature was the primary reason a client moved their list of 50,000 subscribers from a competitors product over to CM.

  • Alan Alston

    Richard Banfield – don’t I know you from somewhere? I’ll get in touch via your site….

  • Richard Banfield

    Alan, I’m originally from SA if that helps. I see you’re working on an interesting app. I’d love to know more.

  • Alan Alston

    Richard, yes I remember you from Ogilvy days – Samatha used to work there! I’m still in touch with Grant every now and then.

  • Kolbuszowa

    Good article, nice to hear someone’s suggesions. Thanks.

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