This November, more than a third of the Campaign Monitor team are putting their razors and social acceptability aside to raise money for men’s health. That’s right, it’s Movember time at Campaign Mo’nitor.

Carlee, our resident mo’ sista has already donated half her head to the cause

All said, we’re hoping to raise more than $10,000, specifically for prostate cancer and male mental health. We’d love everyone to donate, so head on over to our Movember page to see who’s getting involved, track our progress and get behind a great cause.

  • Wayde Christie

    Jaysus Potter!

  • Carlee Potter

    @Wayde Can I join your banjo band now?

  • Wayde Christie

    @Carlee – sorry love, you gotta be able to grow one of these bad boys to be in my band –

    To be honest, if you could, it would still be a no. *shudder*

  • Carlee Potter

    @Wayde Whoah, wait, does that mean you’ve got one!? *double shudder* Hahaha.

  • Toby Stokes

    So did you have a word with them about their email marketing permissions? Last year I wanted to use Campaign Monitor to send on behalf of Movember Europe, but you wouldn’t let me because you said their opt-in process on their site wasn’t adequate! It looks like they have clarified that area for this year…

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Toby, quite a few folks send Movember campaigns with us internationally and we look into their permission to send on a case by case basis. By all means, we’re happy to review your campaigns this year and make recommendations if there’s anything amiss :)

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