We couldn’t let the day pass without a love note to all our friends, readers and customers. Yes, that’s you. Thank you so much for making Campaign Monitor what it is today – a solid email marketing app for tens of thousands of designers and their clients. Thank you lending us your support, sending in your feedback and hanging in there during the rough patches we’ve had. Can you believe that we’ve been together for over 7 years already?

We’ve got some pretty exciting changes coming up around the corner, so hopefully we can do the disorganized partner thing and pass off our next release as a late Valentine’s gift… We’ve all been there before, right? Right, fellas…?

Thank you everyone – as us Aussies would say, ‘we love youse!

  • Cameron Newman

    Hey Ros, thanks for the reminder! Your Valentine’s gift is in the mail……. I promise

  • Santosh

    Helloi like the dark one.. but i’m gonna make it fluid . all pcrutie are loading with original size. but to make quick load of this theme , we should use auto thumbnail js thanks

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