Update: This position has now been filled, thanks for your interest.

If you have been using Campaign Monitor for a while you might have dealt with our smart and helpful customer support team, many of whom work from their own homes in Europe and the USA. We’re looking to add another person to the team (ideally based on the east-coast of North America), someone who is smart, customer focused and keen to provide great service.

This is not a general support role, it’s a compliance role, working from home and helping our customers send permission based email. So while an interest in the web and technology is important, specific technical or design skills aren’t required. If that sounds like you, please check out the full job description.

If it’s not of interest to you, please consider passing the link on to anyone you know who might be a good match. We’re a great team to work with, we pay well and we want to provide ever better customer service to all our customers. Thanks!

  • Shannon

    Hello! I was wondering what sorts of things or information you’re looking for in an application (resume, cover letter, box of chocolates…). Are there any specific must-have items?


  • Mathew Patterson

    We’re looking for you to tell us how you would help us get the job done, basically, so whatever you think will do that best for you. Resume and cover letter are the standards, but they aren’t necessarily required.

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