If email’s been your thing since Thanksgiving, then Santa probably couldn’t come soon enough. However, with our 5th Annual Christmas Email Competition, all that hard work may well pay off. That’s right, this year’s contest is bigger and brighter than ever, and you could win amazing prizes, just by sending out a Christmas-themed campaign in December!

There’s still a few weeks to go until Christmas Day, so it’s time to kick the elves and get the toy workshop pumping out those quality email designs. The winning entries will not only covet our amazing stocking stuffers, but have their designs immortalized in the blog, to admire for generations.

What’s up for grabs?

Unless Rudolph contacts the union again, this year we’ll be sending our winner…

  • A Parrot AR Drone. If you haven’t played with one of these amazing iPhone-controlled quadricopters, then you’re seriously missing out. Regardless of whether you’re into augmented reality gaming, or simply like scaring the neighbour’s dog, they’re loads of fun.
  • $100 in Threadless vouchers. It seems like every other day, the good folks at Threadless are sweeping out their stock at $10 a pop. So, $100 is like, 10 t-shirts. You’ll be like the Imelda Marcos of t-shirts, sugar.
  • 50,000 Campaign Monitor email credits. Did you ever wish you could have a tower full of email credits, Scrooge McDuck style? Well, we’ve got $500 USD worth of credits reserved for our winner… Tower sold separately.

In addition, the winner and runner-up entries will be displayed on the blog, for all to see. You too could be up here in lights, simply for sending a Christmas-themed campaign!

Lets get sending!

Now you know the drill, it’s time for you to get those festive campaigns out during December. We’ll be taking a squiz at your campaigns as part of our usual review process, so no extra work is needed on your part to enter.

In early January, we’ll be contacting the winners by email and putting their work up on display. But considering that you’ll probably need some inspiration before then, here are some of our previous winners to get you started (click to view):

Winner, 2009
Winner, 2008

Winner, 2007

Finally, we’re not looking for something overflowing with the usual baubles, trees and Yuletide tackiness – if your design is different, displays nicely across the major email clients and makes the most of the format (over say, being designed like a website or paper card), then there’s a great chance of it being shortlisted. As you can probably guess, email campaigns that consist of one big image aren’t going to cut it.

But enough lecturin’ – go send some Christmas emails and good luck!

  • Jody Gibbons

    Merry Xmas down under Campaign Monitor



  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Thank you, Jody! Have a safe and cheery holiday break yourself! :D

  • Todd

    How do we enter?

  • cosmin

    I want an AR.DRONE TOO!!! What can I do?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Todd and cosmin, just make sure you get an email campaign out this month. We go through loads of campaigns as part of our usual review process, so if you have a standout design, I’m sure one of us is bound to find it :)

    Have a wonderful holiday season and… Good luck! :D

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