Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you would have in some way been affected by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether its been through scenes of oil-covered pelicans on the TV news, or worse, living on, or near Louisiana’s spoiled beaches, there’s no way of denying that the spill has touched us all. With no end in sight to this man-made catastrophe, its become our collective responsibility to protect its most innocent victims – the wildlife.

That’s where the National Wildlife Federation comes in. Since the spill started on April 20, they’ve been on the front line, searching and rescuing wildlife in distress. Their team of volunteers ceaselessly patrol the 10,000+ miles of shoreline (including bays and inlets) to report oiled animals and ensure they are transported to the nearest rehabilitation centers.

In so much as managing the long-term effects of the spill is BP’s responsibility, there are important tasks that their cheque book just doesn’t cover. The NWF is equally committed to raising awareness on behalf of the people that have been impacted, especially local communities and industries. You only have to read this immensely saddening story to understand how important it is that we, alongside big businesses and lawmakers, hear the voices of fishermen and their families, too.

To ensure a tragedy like this is unlikely to happen again, the NWF also lobbies for environmental interests to be taken into account in future policy decisions. Their priorities include the passage of a green climate and energy bill and the allocation of more resources to go towards the restoration of Louisiana’s wetlands and economies. Find out more about their activities.

To promote the stellar work of the NWF, we’ve teamed up with MetaLab, Squarespace and WooThemes to launch Kill The Spill and raise funds, with the generosity of people like you. As the NWF is strictly not-for-profit, 100% of your donation will go towards where it’s needed – the rescue of animals on Southern beaches and the representation of local communities.

We’ve also committed to match every dollar raised by Kill The Spill (up to $35,000), to ensure your donation goes the distance. So if you would like to help the National Wildlife Federation, donate via Kill The Spill today.

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