After a huge 122 suggestions, the time has come to pick some winners for the latest Campaign Monitor t-shirts. We’ve got together and picked out some finalists for you all to vote on, so now it is your turn.

What we were looking for was something fun, something related to Campaign Monitor or email marketing, but also something that wasn’t just a promotional shirt. There is enough of those around already.

We wanted something people would actually enjoy wearing, not just a billboard for your chest. It should also be something that lends itself to a t-shirt design, and isn’t too insulting.

{title}We’ve also added in some of the popular suggestions that didn’t quite win last time, to give them another chance at glory.

We’ll leave the voting open for a week or so, and announce the winning shirts some time after that.

Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions. Now go add your vote!

  • Robert Lincolne

    great suggestions, had a good laugh, now can we see the results or are they sneakily withheld till the last minute? :)

  • Mathew Patterson

    We are very, very sneaky here at Campaign Monitor, Robert! We’ll reveal all once we close the voting.

  • Nathan Pitman

    Some great ideas there, looking forward to seeing the new shirts once the voting is done! :)

  • Nicola Fox

    Thanks for the chuckle, some keepers in there

  • Michael Angrave

    Very Funny! Will be very interesting to see which one wins. Many of them made me laugh. Looking forward to seeing the T Shirt Designs too!

    When is the closing date for voting?

  • Mathew Patterson

    We’ll be closing the voting a little after the next Campaign Monitor newsletter goes out, which will be in the next week or so, to give everyone a chance to vote.

  • Kris Paulsen

    How can I get a shirt? I’d love walking around, letting the world know that I’m CAN-SPAM compliant!

  • Two Socks

    Now you’ll have to run a tshirt design comp for the winning slogan :)

  • larry Chrapliwy

    T-Shirt Idea: YES WE SPAM (Obama campaign font used for text.)

  • anon

    ^ with addition of logo on shirt = corporate suicide :)

  • Kiryn

    great slogans, had a laugh at most of them… love slogan tee’s (if done well.)

  • Leon Poole

    Some really great captions there – but I thought at least half were just too long. Can’t wait to see the winner!

  • Johnny Rodriguez

    Wow! These are all great you must have had a hard time narrowing them down.

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