Since we launched our Giving Back program, we’ve been able to provide support in the form of email credits, financial contributions and sponsorship to a bunch of different web events all around the world.

In just one day last week we helped out an email marketing seminar at Miami Dade College, and BarCamp London 6. Other recent events include GeekUp in the Manchester, UK area and a Refresh Baltimore meetup.

For the Markup & Style Society meeting a while back, we helped out with the impressive stack of pizzas you see in Dan Cederholm’s photo below.


There’s a bunch of cool Campaign Monitor supported events coming up soon, including the already sold out SocialMediaCamp London, but the one we’d like to give a special plug to is Design Hope for Startups 2009.

Run by the team at FortySeven Media, the idea is to choose a willing, deserving startup and design and build them a brand new website for free. That includes a full ExpressionEngine CMS and also an email newsletter, using a Campaign Monitor template designed and built by our friends at Newism.

This is a great way for the design community to help out a new business in a very difficult financial climate, and we are all excited to be involved. FortySeven Media will blog the build in detail, and would love you to spread the word. So make sure to visit the Design Hope site and take a look.

Don’t forget that if you are involved in a web design group, event or activity, and you are interested in having Campaign Monitor support it, you can let us know about it via the Giving Back page.

  • Jonathan Longnecker

    Thanks guys, we’re looking forward to Design Hope, too! It’s great what you guys are doing for the community.

  • Abhi Shah

    Great work guys… wish you good luck and you will cetainly do good.

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