Ever get those nasty emails telling you that you need to verify your PayPal details, or someone has a question about something you’re selling on eBay? The email looked legit enough, so you followed the link and logged into your account, only to find that a phisher has just stolen your account details.

Phishing is an incredibly serious problem and Yahoo! took a great step forward today by officially blocking all eBay and PayPal email that isn’t signed with DomainKeys. As a customer ours, eBay teamed up with us to ensure they were taking advantage of our recently launched email authentication tool so all of their emails sent with Campaign Monitor would arrive safely in the inbox of their subscribers using Yahoo! Mail.

The great news is that Yahoo! will continue to roll out this approach for other major targets of phishing scams, such as banks. Kudos to Yahoo! for enforcing this and protecting their customers from the scammers of this world. Let’s hope the other ISPs see the value in this and follow suit.

This acts as another reminder of the increasing importance of email authentication. It only takes a few minutes to do for each domain you send email for – here’s a quick walkthrough of exactly how you can set it up for yourself and your clients.

  • riki

    Sounds easy, but I haven’t seen anyway of setting this (email authentication DomainKeys) up on Dreamhost.

  • riki

    I spoke too soon, found some info here http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/SPF

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