It’s been a long wait but the Campaign Monitor t-shirts have finally arrived. A big thanks to everyone who voted and left comments in our quick survey. We had hundreds of votes cast and decided to go with the top 3 designs as voted by you. Once the tally was complete, we hired designer Trent Agnew to turn your ideas into a thing of beauty. We’re super happy with the results and are pretty confident you guys have helped produce the coolest email nerd shirts the world has ever seen.

Without further adue, the winners are…

<!– 1st place –>Security! by Mark Brownlow

Security! by Mark Brownlow

Receiving almost half the total votes, a big congratulations goes to Mark Brownlow from Email Marketing Reports for the winning tagline. Not only does he have one of the best email blogs on the web, but turns out he’s damn funny too! We’ll be sending Mark a copy of each shirt along with some other cool prizes.

<!– 2nd place –>The Counter by Jason Dancisin

The Counter by Jason Dancisin

Coming in at second place was Jason Dancisin’s simple but effective “This shirt has been viewed 4782 times”. We instantly loved this one and were glad to see it voted in. We’re sending Jason a copy of each shirt, the awesome SitePoint email marketing kit and loading his account with some free email credits.

<!– 3rd place –>I’m single by our own Mat Patterson

I'm Single by Mat Patterson

Someone in the office thinks they’re pretty clever! We were stoked to see Mat’s early design we used when begging you guys for help come in at third place. Here’s the redesigned version.

The final voting tally

For those of you that made the final round but missed out on getting printed, thanks again for the hilarious suggestions. Here’s a pretty graph showing the vote counts for the top 10 designs our team selected.

T-shirt votes

Finally, we’re still overwhelmed with the response we’ve had to this and are so glad we could involve you all in the process. There are two things we’ve taken away from this.

  1. Our customers are damn funny.
  2. Penis jokes are alive and well.

Moving forward, we plan on sending a shirt to anyone who makes it into the design gallery and any customers who we spot doing something special with Campaign Monitor or helping out in our forums.

Grab your own copy

We’ve set up a small online store where you can check out the shirts in more detail and grab one in your own size. On a side note, the store was built in less than a day with the awesome Shopify – one of the most impressive web apps I’ve used in a long time.

Head on over to the store and flaunt the email marketing nerd within.

  • Mark Brownlow

    Great job guys! I’m chuffed and humbled to be among the winners. But doesn’t Mat get a prize?

  • Mat Patterson

    Hey. Yeah!

  • Dave Greiner

    Thanks for nothing Mark. Now look what you’ve started!

  • Brett

    The Lagen boys would like one each….

  • Joel

    Yeah..and I did submit a bunch..including the penis joke (finalist).

  • E.T.Cook

    $25 for a tshirt…plus shipping?

    Jokes on us.

  • Dave Greiner

    E.T., We realize the shirts aren’t super cheap, but I promise you we’re not profiting from this. We took our time to find a great Australian company who can do the printing for us on high quality tees. This, plus shipping from Australia to the US and Europe means it costs us very close to US$25 per shirt.

    Sure, we could have gone cafepress style and sold them for $15, but we wanted to make sure the shirts look and feel great. Having said that, the whole reason we created these shirts was so we can give them away to good customers, so if you end sending an amazing campaign or helping someone out in the forums, you’ll more than likely get your own copy for free.

    Finally, judging by how many we’ve already sold this morning, plenty of people are happy to pay that price for a good shirt.

  • Jason Dancisin

    Sweet! The final designs look really nice… great job!

  • Almighty

    Nice, I love it! Jason one is cool.

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