OK, so we were hoping for maybe 3 or 4 funny suggestions from you guys for our upcoming t-shirt design. Forget that! 61 comments and more than 100 suggestions later,
you guys have come up with some absolutely hilarious ideas that we can’t wait to print.

We spent a few hours today casting an internal vote and came up with 9 of Freshview’s favourites. It was a tough call and there were a few we didn’t include because, while they were hilarious, they probably weren’t something you’d wear to your grandmothers ;) So what are you waiting for, tell us which shirts you’d actually wear and we’ll do the rest.

Cast your vote now

Thanks again to everyone who made a suggestion. We’ll be sending those behind the selected designs a copy of each of the shirts we print, along with some free credits for their account and other goodies.

  • Jason

    I made the cut… sweet!

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