We’ve had the idea for Campaign Monitor t-shirts in the back of our minds for a while now. Trouble is, coming up with a funny shirt is kind of hard, especially when it revolves around a fairly dry topic. But hey, if communism and couches can be funny, surely email marketing stands a chance.

Basically, we’d love to dish out free t-shirts to our favourite customers, anyone who gets in the gallery and maybe even sell a few on the site. Mat, our resident funny man has come up with a couple of ideas, but we think we can do better. We’ve decided to pass the buck on to you, our awesome, funny and good looking customers to help us come up with some more tagline ideas. Here’s an example Mat came up with that we had a good chuckle at.

I'm single - forward me to a friend

Here’s a couple of others he also came up with…

For the recently rejected:

I wasn’t dumped….I was soft bounced

For the adventurous:

Ask me about my open rate

Come up with a better one and win some stuff

Think you can do better? Add anything you can think of in the comments below and those that we end up going with will receive a copy of all the shirts we print along with some email credits and a few other cool prizes we’ll round up.

We don’t really have any rules, but it helps if it’s email marketing related in one way or another. Here’s an email marketing glossary to get the creative juices flowing. No idea is too weird or too dumb, so please, help us!

  • riki

    how about

    G’Day [whatsisname fallback=Mate]

  • Luc

    I’m NOT permission based
    Below the fold counts too
    I like your bounce rate
    You’re about to blacklist me
    Would you like to handle my spam?
    I’ll handle your spam

    more to follow probably…

  • Damien

    ‘No Spam Zone’
    ‘Lets get attached’
    ‘Authenticate me’
    ‘Your name’s not on the list’
    ‘I’m converted’
    ‘Double opt-in, its not as kinky as it sounds’
    ‘Get on my house list’
    ‘Don’t be an owner-operator, opt for a full-service provider!’
    ‘Mail Bomb, Mail Bomb, you’re my Mail Bomb’
    ‘I’ve got an open Privacy Policy’

    I’m a good customer, send me one now.

  • Mark

    Email designers don’t grow old
    They just degrade gracefully

    I’d say hello, but I’m waiting for permission

    I’m not ignoring you…I’m just unsubscribing from this conversation

    [To protect your security, the picture on this t-shirt was suppressed automatically. Right click here to download the image]

    My other email is whitelisted

    I don’t want your telephone number
    (But an email address would be nice)

    Email designers have <style>

  • Dave Greiner

    These are AWESOME guys, I think we’ll have to keep collating and then have a vote off. Keep ’em comin!

  • Karsh

    I’ve got a few ideas…some funny (but most not):

    – Sender. Bonded Sender.
    – How’s this for a CTA? (perhaps with an arrow pointing up to the face or maybe a graphic of two hands, thumbs out like the Fonz)
    – Consider me a full service provider
    – Hard bounced? Let me help…
    – Your landing page or mine?

    How about some neat pictoral-based designs? I know those will probably take more time to produce, but they’d be cool if well implemented. For example:
    – Mail bomb: A cartoon bomb, lit, with a stamp on it.
    – Mailto: A large number 2 with a stamp on it.
    – Snail mail: A snail…with a stamp on it. (See what I mean?)
    – Seed e-mails: A seed packet with little envelope icons spilling out, right above a flower pot that has a trowel with dirt near it.
    – Spam cop: A block of spam with a hat, badge, and white sash.
    – Phishing: A little cartoon guy with a fishing pole pulling a tag or a mail envelope out of the water.

    By the way, I really like the t-shirt shown in the example; I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

  • Dave Greiner

    Some classics in there Karsh, and yeah, we can definitely do image based designs too if someone comes up with a sure winner.

  • Jonathan Poh

    How about this:

    Tables? That’s sooo [Outlook] 2007!

  • Jasper Tandy

    I think these are great…

    If I said you had a nice <body> would you hold it against me?

    Fluid? No way – I’m fixed when around you

    My last T-Shirt was depreciated

  • John Cowen

    I made my email work in all major clients…and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

    The really good stuff is below the fold ;-)

    I’m all for equal opportunities – I’m just not blacklisted

    My opt-in is bigger than yours

    A bad day at the office is better than a good day phishing

    I’ll get my coat…

  • Chamara Peiris

    What about this one… “I’m not old, I’m a recycled teenager” :)

  • handsome rob

    “You are seeing this shirt because you have opted to look at me. If you no longer wish to view this shirt, walk away.”

    “Check my sig

    Ok stand back up, people are staring”

  • Fransjo Leihitu

    > Subject: Searchin for sexdate with nice girls
    > From: info@blaat.com

  • Dave Greiner

    OK Fransjo, you’re scaring me a little there ;)

  • Ivan

    Soft Bounce Anyone?
    Ask me about my CPA
    Phish This
    Soft Bounce….it’s a temporary problem
    WARNING: Excessive throttling can be bad for you

  • kiddredd

    I’ve got your deliverability right here, buddy boy.

  • Simon Kitson

    I know what your click-through rate is
    80% wanted to see more
    Report as spam?
    Click here to view stripped down version

  • Dave Schappell

    My lines have all been deliverability tested
    My lines have Spam Assassin score of 0

  • Jeph

    Simple & Generic…
    | unsubscribe (underlined, as a link)

    CM Specific…
    | Skip the test >
    | Simple & Generic…
    | unsubscribe (underlined, as a link)

    CM Specific…
    | Skip the test >
    | < Previous (back of shirt)

  • Jeph

    | < Previous (on the back)

  • Chad White

    There are some great ones here. Here are a few more for your consideration:

    Not Spam
    [an image of the Not Spam button would be simple and very cool]

    Consider this your call to action

    If you are having trouble reading this shirt, click here.

    Add me to your Whitelist

    To opt in, say “hello” back

    We already have 2 things in common:
    We both hate spoofing and we’re both named Shirley.

    Click through to visit my landing page

    Bounced because attachment was too large

    Scroll down for call to action

  • Dave Greiner

    Awesome Chad, there are some classics in there for sure. We’re definitely going to put our top 10 to a customer vote and let you guys decide the winner. Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far, the shirt’s gonna be a hit.

  • jmoney

    “Can I get in your box?”

    “Open my attachment”

    “Thanks to e-mail, my penis is larger.”

  • jmoney

    “Spam is for suckers.”

    “Real men send rich text”

    “If you can read this, you render better than Outlook”

  • jmoney

    “Stamps worse enemy”

    “I hate stamps” (substitute hate with a broken heart)

    Lastly, you should do a ladies tee as well:

    “Sorry, my box has reached full capacity”

  • Darren Nicholls

    Do you like my <body>

    I have an awesome <body>

    I have <style>

    I have <class>

    I give good <head> (Now if that doesn’t offend everyone I don’t know what will, apologies if I have)

  • Cole

    > [To protect your security, the picture on this t-shirt was suppressed automatically. > Right click here to download the image]

    This one get’s my vote, that made me laugh and now everyone is looking at me

  • f

    To make sure you get this [f]email, add me to your contacts

    To make sure you get this [e]mail, add me to your contacts

  • Anonymous

    if you don’t like the look of me, you need a different outlook

  • f

    if you don’t like the look of me, you need a different outlook

  • Dave Roberts

    Got a few for you:


    Shall I gagorbyte?

    This T-shirt contains images, if you dont seem them press here (arrow pointing south)

    Show me your Gopherspace!

  • Jason

    This shirt contains graphics, so if you don’t see them, you probably need glasses.

  • jmoney

    “I’m the best fit”

    “Ask me about my drip campaign”

    “Unblock Me”

    “Letters are so 2003”

    “|—– 590 wide ——|”

  • Dave Roberts


    (Text below printed reasonably small)

    1) I will not divulge, sell or rent any photos of you of a sexually explicit nature to my friends or workmates – even if we split up.

    2) All purchases and transactions are encrypted – this means every time I buy you something nice get to have a feel of your goodies!

    3) I shall not be liable for any delay in or failure of sexual performance if that delay or failure is caused by circumstances beyond my control such as, drunkeness, civil commotion, strike or malicious damage.

  • christy

    I’m Can-Spam Compliant

  • Mauricio Dottavio

    Do you like this t-shirt?
    Ask me to to forward this to up to 5 friends at a time.

  • Matthew Hale

    because everyone loves junk mail

  • Steve Tipson

    How about

    “Right click me to download my image”

  • Elaine

    My 2 faves so far:

    “[To protect your security, the picture on this t-shirt was suppressed automatically. Right click here to download the image]”

    “Double opt-in, it’s not as kinky as it sounds”

  • jmoney

    For the geek in all of us:

    “Opt-in x 2”

    “Opt-in &sup2 ” (Opt-in squared)

    “Scroll down for full message”

    “View this shirt as a web page”

    “I’m allergic to spam”

  • jmoney

    “Please unsubscribe me from your list”

  • Michael

    Click here to open attachment

    For the women – Male Server

    For the guys – POP3 Male

  • Joshua Clark

    HELO Ladies…

  • Michael Sigler

    For the ladies:

    Inbox (on the lower front), Outbox (on the lower back)

  • Mike Cronin

    I’m interested in what you have to say. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


  • Touhey

    “0 Unread”

    “Champion Inboxer”

  • David Zerimar

    “Marketers do it with their clients”

    “Are you hAPI to see me, or is that a dongle in your pocket?”

    “I’ve got your virus right here”

    “I’ve got about a footer for you to hard bounce”

  • Storm

    Improve your Outlook (2007) (with a picture of Outlook software being thrown in the bin or set on fire)

  • Toemouse

    p3n1s 3n1arg3m3nt

  • navarrod

    “I’d Rather Be Segmenting”
    “Thanks, but I like my e-mail plain.
    “It’s easier to ask for permission now, than for forgiveness later.”
    “Outlook 2007 = Poop”

  • jmoney

    “Follow me to my destination page”

    “Ask me about my great offer”

    “Smile to accept”

  • jmoney

    “Add me to your contact list”

  • George Doubinski

    My favourites so far:

    [To protect your security, the picture on this t-shirt was suppressed automatically. Right click here to download the image]

    [This shirt has been viewed 478 times.]

    Actually, both can be there, makes sense. The first one should be in the image rectangle with a red cross. Small variation of the second can be

    “This shirt has been worn 478 times.”

    My $0.02 + GST

  • Jackson

    Nice! There are some funny ideas here.

    How about: “We raised our response rates, so up yours”

  • Jackson

    If you are looking for a company to supply and print the shirts, we’d be happy to help.


    I can be reached at jackson [at] tuxedoranch.com

  • Dave Greiner

    You guys rule! The response has been so overwhelming and we can’t wait to narrow it down to a winner (or winners). We’ll try and pick 10-15 of our favourites over the weekend and put it to you guys for a vote next week.

    Jackson, thanks for suggesting Tuxedo Ranch, looks like a great service and we’ll definitely be dropping you a line.

  • Mark B

    large print “SPAM KILLS”
    smaller print (same width as above line) “legitimate email marketing”

    “I’m NOT A SPAMMER, I Just Look Like One”

    “Email Campaigns Never Die – They Just Lose Responsiveness”

    “Campaign Monitor – Join Our Click”

    “Please don’t send me to your junk folder…”

    “Subscribe to my newsletter, and I’ll subscribe to yours!”

  • TanyaB

    “It’s not spamming, it’s permission based email marketing.

  • Jonathan Poh

    Front: [Subscribe]
    Back: [Unsubscribe]

  • Tamara Gielen

    What about this one:

    I’m not harassing you, I’m spamming you!
    And it’s impossible to unsubscribe :p

  • Tim England

    HELO inigo.montoya.com
    250 rugen.com
    250 sender > OK
    RCPT TO:
    250 recipient OK
    354 go ahead
    You kill my father. Prepare to die!
    554 stop spamming me
    Connection closed by foreign host.

  • Lagen

    Is your Inbox empty as I have a bulging outbox.

  • Carlos

    I’ll be your email if you’ll be my inbox

  • damian

    MailMarshal has detained my other tshirt.

  • Dave Roberts

    How about one for the ladies – (or guys if you’re that way inclined?)

    My Outbox is also an Inbox if I’m really horny!

    or how about:

    After reading this, send me to 5 of your friends.

  • Isaac

    Dear [INSERTNAME],

  • lkzbhx pqkioxu

    dlao lsgxnu jtklc fzrwys rxcah ergnjwi mslubpard

  • derek

    Very funny! lol.

  • Wczasy Ustka

    I really like the t-shirt shown in the example; I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

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