The Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns

Out of the 4 million email marketing campaigns sent with Campaign Monitor this year, we've hand picked some of the most effective email marketing campaigns that have delivered results for our customers.

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Email Newsletter

The email newsletter is the most effective way to keep your audience updated on your latest company news.

Welcome Email

The welcome email is the first step in onboarding customers and gives them a warm introduction to your community.

Email Invites

Send targeted, personalized email invitations that will inspire all of your recipients to attend your events.

Promotional Email

Entice your audience with special offers, deals, and promotions to generate additional revenue back to the business all year long.

Survey Email

Want to know what your customers think? Send an email and ask. Email is the #1 channel for collecting customer feedback.

Product Announcement Email

Unveil your most recent products and company news with effective email campaigns that are sure to excite your audience.

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