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Tagga's marketing platform consolidates fragmented customer profile data, allowing brands see a unified view of each and every member of their community.


Do you have customer profile data spread out over multiple channels such as email, mobile, social, eComm and POS? Use this integration to keep all that information in one place and generate a unified profile for each member of your brand’s community. These profiles allow you and your marketing team to more accurately predict campaign outcomes, gain valuable insights, drive deeper engagement & maximize ROI.

Allow Tagga to help you achieve Real-time data integration between the 2 systems in order to:

  • Retrieve email response data and compare it to data from social, web and offline channels on the Tagga Marketing Platform (TMP).
  • Drive transactional based emails, within Campaign Monitor, using triggers originating from non email channels.
  • Synchronize from TMP to Campaign Monitor. Create segmented lists based on behavioral, demographic and purchasing data that TMP has collected from all marketing touch points. Send targeted emails from Campaign Monitor to segments to improve engagement or click-through rates 2-3 fold.


The Tagga Marketing platform pulls together fragmented customer profile data residing in disparate data silos and delivers a 360° view of each community member. Not only do these unified profiles allow you to identify unique cohorts within your community, they also inform and optimize marketing initiatives, as well as marketing spend.


Tagga’s segmentation manager identifies communities within communities, allowing brands to deliver highly personalized content that is guaranteed to resonate and drive positive action. You can choose to leverage any number of metrics such as: buying behavior, demographics, psychographics, engagement behavior, social stature or brand influence to isolate highly targeted segments, and optimize campaign tactics and initiatives.


Tagga’s platform delivers detailed insights and predictions designed to ensure you are connecting with your audience at the perfect time, with the ideal content, on their favorite device. The proprietary algorithms are fully functional out-of-the-box, but can also be tailored to deliver customized brand-specific results.

Pricing for Tagga starts at $1,250 per month. For more information or to get started head on over to their site today!

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Price: Starts at $1,250/month
Developer: Tagga
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