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Improve deliverability & open rates of your campaign by removing invalid andrisky email addresses from subscriber lists.


The best way to up your open and click rates while ensuring you follow along with spam regulations is to verify your subscriber lists. Removing invalid and risky email addresses will reduce your campaign cost by reducing bounce rates while improving sender reputation by reducing spam complaints.

QuickEmailVerification has built out a tool to help with just that. They’ve made it so that you are able to directly import your subscriber list from Campaign Monitor and then watch it be verified right before your eyes. In just a few short minutes, you will have a succinct view of all of the different types of emails in your lists including:

  • Valid email addresses
  • Invalid email addresses
  • Unknown email addresses
  • Addresses that accept all (associated, typically with a single
  • Role email addresses (such as
  • Disposable email addresses


After getting your report back, you have the choice to either export a CSV directly to your computer, or automatically update your Campaign Monitor list by removing invalid and any of the risky emails mentioned above.

QuickEmailVerification offers a free plan with a limited number of email address
verifications per day, as well as one-time payment plans (starting at $4) and monthly subscriptions (starting at $25 per month).

To start for free or get more information head over to

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