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Developed by NiftyImages

Create personalized images embedded in your email campaigns based on customer data.


Ever wanted to include a personalized image in your emails that showed, say, your customer’s name on a cake, or in bright lights on a marquee to promote your latest sale? Look no further! NiftyImages is a tool that allows you to customize your images to display customer data dynamically when each individual views your email.

Features for this integration include:

  • Predesigned templates.
  • Ability to use any custom field variable for personalization.
  • Custom images and fonts for advanced editing.
  • Personalized image for each subscriber.

And now introducing: countdown timers!

Create countdown timers to create urgency and alert your customers of an upcoming sale or deadline. Customize the language, color, size, and time zone to your specificĀ needs.

NiftyImages starts at $20 a month, and offers a free thirty day trial to make sure it meets your needs. For more information, or to get started, check outĀ the NiftyImages site.

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Price: Starts at $20/month
Developer: NiftyImages
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