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Create beautifully curated emails for your team or customers in minutes using Goodbits.


Ever wondered how to combine all of the awesome content that you’ve written, shared, seen or linked each week into one super awesome email? Goodbits is here to help. Using the Goodbits Chrome Extension, you can easily add content that you come across while browsing to your upcoming newsletter. Not only does it allow you to add content easily, but it also allows you to customize what comes across in your email to customers. Want to change the image associated with an article? How about the description? No problem; Goodbits makes it super easy.

Along with this awesome integration with Campaign Monitor, Goodbits also syncs directly with Twitter and Facebook via Buffer, and even your blog directly to make sure that nothing you shared gets missed. Once you’ve got some content to include, use Goodbit’s super-intuitive drag-and-drop interface to organize the articles in a way that makes sense to you and appeals to your audience. Your newsletter is entirely customizable, so you can make sure that it matches your brand.

Goodbits offers a free plan for up to 200 subscribers, and has paid plans starting at $25 per month if you have a bit higher usage. For more information or to get started head on over to the Goodbits site today!

Installation / Documentation

Sending is just as easy as creating-set up your Goodbits to sync directly with Campaign Monitor, and use your Campaign Monitor account to send the actual email. This is extra helpful if you already have existing lists and segments in your Campaign Monitor account that you want to re-use. For more information on how to get that set up head on over to Goodbits’ support documentation.

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