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Email Booster by Winning Email

Developed by Winning Email

Make deliverability easier by using this helpful tool to improve email open rates.


Email Booster has a handy integration with Campaign Monitor that makes it easy to import any of your campaigns and test them right in the Email Booster interface. Your email analysis will include a step-by-step guide on how to make the best improvements to your email in order to boost engagement and open rates, and ensure that your email doesn’t get sent straight to spam. Some details provided include:

  • Analyzing your email subject and recommending suggestions to improve it. It even checks against a massive database of words that can either help or hurt your conversions.
  • Making sure your email body is up-to-snuff. That means: no bad code, enough content to not be flagged as Spam and that it contains a mailing address (which also makes it less likely to be flagged as spam).
  • Checking that your hyperlinks are valid.
  • Scanning your email with SpamAssassin, a state-of-the-art spam prevention tool.
  • Ensuring your images are as optimized as possible and contain proper descriptors (in case they can’t be loaded in an email client).

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Developer: Winning Email
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