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Driftrock Flow

Developed by Driftdock

Connect your Campaign Monitor subscriber lists to Facebook Custom Audiences and create highly targeted marketing campaigns.


Facebook Custom Audiences is a powerful ad targeting option for Facebook advertisers. It allows you to upload your subscriber lists to create targeted ads Facebook, or acquire new customers like those you already have on your lists.

With Driftrock Flow, you can automatically sync your Campaign Monitor customer lists with Facebook to target ads at existing email signups, to create multi-touch campaigns and increase visibility of your marketing campaigns.

Driftrock Flow features:

  • Automatic sync subscriber/contact sync, every 3 hours
  • Support for multiple Campaign Monitor lists
  • The ability to quickly create Lookalike audiences to grow your customers
  • An ultra-fast setup process that will have you matching audiences in minutes
  • Support provided by the awesome Driftrock team

With Driftrock Flow’s integration with Campaign Monitor, you can stop wasting time manually uploading CSV’s and instead, focus on scaling the number of audiences you manage, by targeting tens, or hundreds of different customer segments on Facebook. As Driftrock Flow syncs your lists and Facebook’s Custom Audiences every 3 hours, your advertising will remain perpetually relevant.



If you’re new to Custom Audiences, don’t worry – Driftrock Flow will guide you through creating your first Custom Audience. Once you’ve completed your first sync with Campaign Monitor, simply log into your Facebook Ads account and create your first campaign. An hour after your first Driftrock Flow sync, Facebook will have your new audience ready to use in the Targeting section of Facebook Ads.

To get started, create a Driftrock Flow account for free and connect the Facebook Ads account that you want to run Custom Audience campaigns from. When prompted, you’ll be asked to log into your Campaign Monitor account to select the subscriber lists you want to sync with Facebook Custom Audiences.

Driftrock Flow’s pricing is based on the number of subscribers you wish to sync, with a free plan available for up to 1,000 subscribers. Paid subscriptions start at $37/mo. To find out more and start creating Custom Audiences, visit their site.

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Developer: Driftdock
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