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Validate your lists and authenticate form entries using this integration from BriteVerify.


BriteVerify is a true leader in email deliverability and list compliance which is why this integration is guaranteed to be a major tool in your marketing tool belt. If you validate the email addresses on your list prior to sending them out, you can reduce your bounce rate by 98% and help your messages get delivered. So stop bouncing and start converting by using BriteVerify.

Even though BriteVerify is already incredibly easy to use, this integration makes it even easier! First, start by selecting which of your lists from Campaign Monitor you would like to have checked; BriteVerify scans the list prior to completing any of the process just to make sure that you have your expectations set with your total records and the cost. Then, once you’ve confirmed, your lists will be cleaned and directly imported back into Campaign Monitor-all with the push of a button! After verification is completed, you can download your list, or automatically unsubscribe invalid and risky emails from your campaigns.

While verification of existing lists is great, verifying emails as they come into your lists is another way to ensure that you are sending to valid email addresses and reducing your bounce rate. BriteForms, BriteVerify’s form validation tool, layers directly on top of Campaign Monitor forms to verify email validity in the moment. No more “” email entries into your lists!

Pricing for BriteVerify is based on volume of subscribers that you are wishing to verify, and starts from $0.01 per email address. To get started, or get more information, head on over to BriteVerify’s website.

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