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Personalize every Campaign Monitor email interaction with dynamic personalized product recommendations.


Do you send the exact same product offers to all of your customers? Wouldn’t it be better to send each customer a personalized email with product recommendations based on their most recent intent on your site? Look no further – Barilliance lets you do exactly that.

Barilliance is an advanced product recommendation engine that understands the preferences and intent of each visitor to your site and automatically integrates personalized product recommendations with each mail interaction triggered inside of Campaign Monitor. The best part is that these product recommendations are dynamic and presented in real time, when the email is opened-not when the campaign is sent out. This unique approach allows the Barilliance system to constantly optimize the recommendations during the campaign.


Pricing for Barilliance starts at $250 a month with no long-term commitment. To read more about the service, or get started, check out Barilliance.

Installation / Documentation

To get started, the Barilliance product recommendation engine has to capture data from your site. Luckily, that takes just a few minutes to set up. All you have to do is add the Barilliance tag to your website and you’re done. The system is configured to capture data instead of asking anything of you. Once the system starts to collect data, there is a learning period in which data is analyzed (2-4 weeks depending on your traffic and catalog size). The recommendations will improve as the engine learns more about each visitor.

To activate the email personalization widget for Campaign Monitor campaigns, all you need to do is select Campaign Monitor as your email provider on the Barilliance panel, customize the widget design and copy the HTML into your emails.

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Price: Starts at $250/month
Developer: Barilliance
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